1.2o Version
Fermos [1]
257 (as of 2564)
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1.2o Version (Born 2307) is a distant relative of Evan after his 7th great grandson invented the human-robot which started the robot political war, after 57 years the war finally ended and vesion 1.2o became president of the mega u.s.a. In 2513 1.2o version had his first child and the rest with version Mary in 2515,2519,2522,2528, and 2534 later he had children with anne bot they were born in 2559 and 2562. Later shown in another episode version 1.2o died in 2657 but they brought him to life again in 2872. he was president 2527-2583.


  1. (2557 Conversation)

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