Have you ever wanted to prove to someone that a band is more than they think they are? (HEY MORE
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IS AN MB20 ALBUM) Now, you can! You don't have to do them in any order, but if you do, say it! If an artist isn't there, add them in a big ending, your name on a smaller heading, and then your reasons.

Matchbox TwentyEdit


10. All of them can sing

9. They don't use autotune so the sound almost the exact same live

8. They put on a great show

7. They're honest

6. They really care about their fans

5. They don't care what others think

4. They give fans a lot

3. The fandom is a family

2. They are hilarious

1. Every other reason

The WantedEdit


10. They make videos for their fans a LOT

9. They want to make everything perfect for their fans

8. The fandom is a family


6. They're sooooo funny!

5. They're British and Irish XD

4. They can sing

3. The concert ticket prices aren't that bad

2. They don't try too hard

1. They're more mature than most boybands (Even though I like other boybands XD)

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