Nyan cat by mechanical2127-d4z75bf

Nyan Cat Abby, just so darn Adorable!!

Hey I am Abby you can call me Abbs or Abbster. Some things about me are that I am deaf. I caught a virus when I was a baby that made me deaf. I live in Lousiana, USA. I have a little sister named Maddison, but most people call her Maddie(she is also deaf). My favorite things are:

The color Lime green, COFFEE, food, life, this wiki, I am 15 years old, and I do gymastics. I am a level 5 in gymastics. I go to an all deaf school and my birthday is Feburay 14,1998. YUP THAT'S RIGHT I WAS BORN ON VALENTINES DAY :) and my best friends on this wiki is EVERYONE!!!!!

Abby's GalleryEdit

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