My Dog Java

Hi. (: I'm A 15 Year Old Girl Who Lives In Arizona. (: My Birthday Is July 8, And I LOVE Writing Song & Poems. (: I Also LOVE My Dog Java. (: (She's My Profile Picture!) She's A Boston Terrier/Corgi! (: I Love All People And Animals. Some Day, I Will Fulfill My Life Dream Of Becomming A Veternarian. (: 

Yay. :P

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This Wiki, Seriously Changed My Life. I Love EVERY Single One Of You!!! (': The People I Usually Chat With Are:

Claire, Aka HelloKittyR5. She Is One Of The Sweetest People I've Ever Met! (: You Rock, Claire! She Won The Best Friend Award With Tegan & Taylor, And Loudest/Bubbliest At The 2012-2013 Yearbook. She's An Admin, So You Can Come To Her If You have A Question Or Anything. :P

Katie, Aka Katelynforever22. She's SOOOOOO Amazing, & One Of The Nicest People I Know. (:

Melody, Aka AustinAllyR5&More! She's One Of My Newer Friends, But She's Still VERY Nice, And Awesome. (=

Corey, Aka CoolCoreyCat13. She's Kind, Awesome, & She Lives In Arizona Too, Like Cookies & I. Someday, We Shall Meet. :P At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Food Lover, And Tied With Esther For Most Outgoing. She's Also An Admin! (: KLA. Aka KidLovesAuslly. She's Awesome, & An Admin. :P

Shel, Aka Number1ausslyfan. She's SO Nice, Awesome, & Pretty. (: 

Matt, Aka Jessie1010. He Lives In The United States, And He's 14. He's The Main Admin At The Austin & Ally Wiki, And A Lot Of Other Wikis. :P He's A Really Hard Worker, And A Really Nice Friend. Lots Of Girls Are Madly In Love With Him, But He Doesn't Mind. xD

Cupcake Cat, Aka Victorius as Cat. She's One Of The Most AWESOME People I Know. <3 LOVE YOU CAT!! (:

Sarah, Aka SarahBearlovesR5  She Is Just SO NICE! (: And I Love Her User! She's Online Going Out With Noah. (: Sarah Lives In The Beautiful State Of California! 

Taylor, Aka Taylor Valentine. She's Another Friend I Just Recently Made, But I'm Glad I Did, She's So Amazing & Kind. (: At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Best Friends With Tegan & Claire. She's A Chat Mod, Like Me. :D

Maria, Aka Maria-chocolate-directioner. She Is A Really Funny & Nice Friend. :P She Lives In Doha. :D

Brett, Aka Brettfish. He's 15, And Really Awesome, One Of My Best Friends. xD............. <3 xD I Love You Brett. :O xD

Rossay, Aka  Rossome:) She's One Of The First People I Met On The Austin & Ally Wiki, And She's Really Funny, & Very Nice. :P She Lives In Gravity Falls, BE JEALOUS. xD

Melissa, Aka MusicMel:D This Girl Is SO NICE!!! (: Mel Is Like A Sister To Me. She Lives In The Great State Of Virgina. (: Mel Is An Admin. (: She Also Won Favorite Austin&Ally Lover At The RWA'S. (:

Marley, Aka Mrs.NiallHoran13. We Just Recently Met, But I Know Her Enough To Know That She's An AWESOME Friend! (: Marley Is Also An Admin. (:

Michelle, Aka DuckDuckChicken. She's New Here, And INCREDIBLY AWESOME. She Is Really Random, Funny, And Awesome! (: She's From Canada, Like A Lot Of Our Friends. :3

Scream, Aka SCREAM4AUSLLY. She Is REALLY Smart, And Wise! (: She's 13, And From America.

Noah, Aka NoahR5er. He Is Really Sweet & Kind. (:  He's Online Dating Sarah, The Love Of His Life. xD Noah Lives In Edmonton, Canada. (: He's 14 Years Old. (:

Veronica, Aka Veronicalovesauslly4life. She's Just So Amazing And Kind! (: "V" Is From The Only State With One Syllable, MAINE! (: Veronica Is 16, & Also An Admin. She's My Best Friend, I Can Tell Her Anything. (: She Won Favorite Weirdo At The RWA's, And Tied With Charlie For The Award Favorite Person Who Makes You Laugh. :P At The 2012-2013 Yearbook Awards, She Won Best Wiki Clown, And Most Sarcastic. xD I LOVE HER SO MUCH AS A BEST FRIEND! :D

Lola, Aka Lola Lynch R5. She's SO NICE, And Can Always Make You Smile! (:

Cookies, Aka I stole your cookies! SHE. IS. HILARIOUS!!!! She's SO AWESOME!!!!! AND She's My Fellow Arizonian! :D She's 12, And From America. (:

Auslly, Aka Ausllyaddictforeva1. She Is The Biggest Fan EVER Of Riker Lynch, And Someday, She WILL Marry Him. ;D She's Also Very Nice, And Easy To Talk To. (:

Krissy, Aka Xoxokrystal! She Is SO Nice, And Really Pretty! (: (I've Seen A Picture Of Her) She's A Songwriter, Like Me! (: She Lives In Doha! :P She Won Favorite Food Lover At The RWA'S. xD At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Laziest. :P Krissy Is A Chat Mod, Like Me. :P

Caroline, Aka Caroline:)Freak She Is Really Popuar, Because She's So AWESOME!! She Loves Chocolate, And Lives In The Amazing Country Of Denmark! She Is An Admin, And She Won Favorite Chocolate Lover At The RWA'S. (:

Nikki, Aka Austin&Ally=Auslly. She Is SO Sweet, And She Also Has Videos Of Her Singing On Youtube !(: She Has A Pretty Voice! (: She Lives In The Awesome Country Of Austria! (:

Swiftie, Aka Taylor swifts number one fan. She Is Also Amazing, And So Nice. (: Swiftie Lives In The Fantastic State Of Nevada. She, Like Esther, Is Also Madly In Love With Ross. xD Swiftie Won Favorite Music Lover At The RWA'S. :P

Perry, Aka PerryThePlatypusShipsAuslly. SO Amazing. She Always Makes My Day! (: Perry Is From Danville, Aka Canada. :P She Is The Wiki's Favorite Admin. And She Also Won The Awards Favorite Editor, And Favorite Laura Lover. At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Most Spirited & Most Creative. (: 

Abby, Aka Abby Cat! I'm Very Blessed For Knowing Her! (: She's Just SO SWEET And Kind! (: Abby Lives In The Shiny State Of California. (:

Ajay, Aka Ausllylover12321. I Talk With Her All The Time, And I'm Very Happy She's My Friend! (: However, She Wants To Stay Annonymous About Where She Lives... She Lives Somewhere In The USA, Though. (: She Won Favorite Auslly Lover At The RWA'S. (:

Tegan, Aka Tegan xD. She's Really Awesome, & She Lives In England. (: Tegan Is An Admin Also. :D At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Most Talkative, And The Best Friend Award With Taylor & Claire.

Olivia, Aka AusllyShallLive. She's Really Sweet, Pretty, & A Really Good Friend, I'm Glad I Met Her(: She Lives In Canada :D

Esther, Aka Bombom6206. But Maybe You'd Also Know Her As Ross Lynch's Future Wife. xD She's VERY Kind, And AWESOME! :D She's Like My Best Friend. xD Words Can't Even Describe Her, She's Just My Amazing Best Friend! She's 12, And Likes To Pretend She's 18. ;P She Lives In El Paso, Texas, 6 Hours Away From Me. (: Esther Is An Admin As Well. (: She's Won The Award Favorite Ross Lover At The RWA'S, Are You Surprised? :P At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, She Won Most Patient, & Tied With Corey For Most Outgoing. She Was Also My Twin For Twin Day, Yay! xD I LOVE HER SO MUCH! :D

KPOP, Aka Dancegirl45. She's Just So Nice. She's One Of My Best Friends. (: She Lives In The Huge State Of Texas!! She Won Favorite Hardworking Person, & Tied With Me For Favorite Dez Lover. xD

Nutter, Aka  Nutter Butter. He's A Really Nice Friend... Except That He Won't Tell Where He Lives xDD Jk. He's 12, & I Think From America. 

Madi, Aka Madi60517. She's An Amazing Friend, And Her Birthday Is July 9th, Just A Day After Mine! :P Even Though I'm Older Than You Madi.... YOU ROCK TWIN! :P

And My Beautiful Online Little Sister, Hearts! Aka  Hearts! 12 Years Old. Hearts Used To Be My Best Friend. I Met Her Before Anyone Else, In Fact, If It Weren't For Her, I Wouldn't Even Know About This Site. She Told Me About It When I Was On The Austin & Ally Wiki. She Left Us Though.. )': She Quit This Site. </3 She Won Favorite Sweetheart At THe RWA'S. ):

If I Didn't Mention You, DON'T FEEL LEFT OUT!!! I Probably Don't Know You That Well! But I'd Like To Get To Know You. (: I'll Start: Hi. :P 

And If You're Wondering, I Tied With KPOP For The Award Favorite Dez Lover, & Won The Award Favorite Trish Lover At The RWA'S.. I'm Not Really Sure Why Though. xD But Thanks For Anyone Who Voted For Me. :P At The 2012-2013 Yearbook, I Won Nicest Person & Sweetest Person. :P Aww, Thanks You Guys, Love You!!! (':

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I Have Curly Hair. :P

And Greenish/Brownish Eyes.

P.S., Thanks Perry For Making Me This Page, It's Amazing!! (: 

Also... I'm A Songwriter. :P I Also Like Listening To Music, & My Favorite Song Is Called "Listen To The Rain" By Evanescence. <3 And, I'm A Chat Mod Btw... (: So If You Have A Question, Just Ask Me On My Message Wall, Which Is Right Here. (:  Allypuppi88. <----- Click That. :P

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