Season 1: peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer presserr

Shawn and cory talk about their dream to make a sex ed minecraft mod every single day for 231 days, sadly mr Feneeee said that cory is gayy witch means he went thro bicriplling dipression


Season 2: GURLLS

Cory accidently kills his little sister because she swore, he than starts getting laid by unatractive blonds and the hoe candy


Season 3: angery doggo

TUHpanga rapes Mr FEEnee after she finds out he sent cory to disney world to stalk her and fuck the dolphins



shawn finaly realizes he drinks alchohol, than 7 gay men mistake cory for Shawn, he gets laid but finds TUhpunga and fucks dolphins in front of her

Season 5: bout time

eric struggles with bicrppling dippersion after he cannot go to college, cory finally gets laid by TUhpanga and didnt use dolphins, Eric also attempts to play super smash bros melee, featuring pink sheep 039258347 and black face, but gets arrested and gets sent to jail with patrick after he was found using pills


Shawn goes thro depression after somone dies, also, cory gives a girl herpes after they fuc88d, TUhpanga finds out and sends out her League of dolphins to Rape him, eric finally gets to go to college, his roomate is his fellow homie patrick, alan sets out and starts a Tv show called shrimpo hunter, after she died in 4350550753, woody took over as the main star. Cg Season 7: a brave new world

Cory and Tuhpanga get married aftter she gets pregenant, Shawn cries after realizing he and cory wont be gay (friends) anymore, very relatable, TUHpunga and cory have 2 find a new place to home, they were cheep af, so they moved to new york because of Tv location Cliche. Thats what actually happened, so let me do something else....

Uh ok, Kirby throws out grape with a happy days vo, oh wait thats short clips. Cory meets Minkus and decides to stamm him 3497345029742895927 times, cory dosent get arrested, but, alan does for no reason even tho she is doing shrimpo hunter, Cory's little brother is diagnosed with short term memory lost, and was crowned role of dory in finding kawaii clown fish with dme cheeks( finding nemo)


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