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Do you ship Brack from TBM?! Well add your name below if you do! :D

Brack Shippers!Edit

  • Hugs4ADollar
  • Swiftie
  • Scream
  • Madi
  • Melody :D I WISH THEY KISSED >:(
  • Eileen516
  • Fiolet4eva
  • Olivia
  • Forever
  • Liz
  • Chloe
  • shel

Brack MomentsEdit

  • They were dating in the Beginning of the Movie
    TBM Brack
  • They hug
  • Brady really didn't want to break up
  • They didn't want to date Lela and Tanner because they were together
  • They sang together :D :D
  • Brady was referring to Mack when he sang, 'There's only one girl on my list'.
  • Oxygen is about Brack.
  • There was originally a scene where when Mack and Brady got back home, Brady would say "I love you" and they would kiss, but this scene was removed ( -.- )

Brack GalleryEdit

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