Bye Bye Binky is a Sesame Street song about giving up a pacifier.

Put Down the Pacifier- Bye Bye Binky Song01:55

Put Down the Pacifier- Bye Bye Binky Song

Lyrics Edit

Gordon: Bye bye, binky. Binky, bye bye.

Elmo: Bye bye, binky. Elmo will try. When Elmo was little and could only babble, binky was a special friend to comfort Elmo in the dark. Or on a car ride to the park. When Elmo was blue, only binky would do.

Gordon: So now you're ready. Ready to do grownup things like tying your shoe.

Elmo: Monster sleepovers and preschool.

Gordon: Standing at the sink without a stool and if you fall and scrape a knee.

Elmo: Elmo doesn't need a binky.

Both: So, bye bye, binky. Binky, bye bye. Bye bye, binky.

Elmo: Elmo won't cry.

Gordon: Your days together were grand.

Elmo: But Elmo wants to talk so people understand.

Binky, you should know, Elmo loved you so, but Elmo's not a baby.

So maybe Elmo thinks today is the day to give up the binky.

Both: Bye bye, binky. Binky, bye bye.

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