Welcome to Camp Random,the camp where you get to be yourself and be random!!


9:00-9:30-Wake up and eat breakfast

9:35-10:00-Watch TV

10:10-11:30-Listen to music & chat

11:35-12:20-Eat yummy lunch XD

12:25-12:50-Play Activities

12:55-1:40-Music,art,or P.E (rotates every day)

1:45-2:30-Random time!

2:35-3:10-Watch YouTube videos

3:15-4:30-Dance time

4:35-5:37-Play video games

5:40-6:30-Watch a movie

6:35-7:22-Role play (Options to role play below)

7:30-8:30-Watch TV

8:35-9:55-Listen to R5 while doing fun stuff


11:05-Go to bed

People who go to this campEdit

  • Liz
  • Jessica!
  • Madi

Role Play!Edit

Here are our options for role playing!

  • Doctor Who
  • Austin & Ally
  • Frozen

Add more!

We hope you enjoy this camp!~Liz