Canimals is an upcoming 2017 action-sport film that will be released by Voozclub and BRB.

Plot Edit

Fizzy has experienced a tragic while doing the Canimals race in the Piston Can, which he had been doing since 2011. He is competing against a rookie named Pow, which is a horned owl rival that Fizzy will face. Fizzy needs some help from Oz, who is also a rookie of the Piston Can. Fizzy will have to recover from his trauma of the race to prove that number 7 isn't done yet.

Characters Edit

Pow as Jackson Storm

Fizzy as Lightning McQueen

Oz as Cruz Ramirez

Mimi as Sally

Toki as Mack

Uly as Mater

Pip as Sheriff

Ato as Filmore

Pictures Edit

2016 0726 234113 001
2016 0726 234146 002

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