"Kids," sometimes called "What Are Kids Called?" and legally titled "What Babies Are Called," is a Sesame Street song about the different names of baby animals. It concludes by noting that both goats and people have kids.
Sesame Street - Cats Have Kittens

Sesame Street - Cats Have Kittens

Lyrics Edit

Cats... have kittens.

Doggies... have pups.

Horses... have pretty foals.

And sheep... have lambs.

Cows have calves, and I bet you didn't know that elephants have calves, too.

Lions and leopards have cubs, which is the proper thing for them to do.

Peacocks... have chicks.

Deer... have fawns.

Ducks... have ducklings.

Often padding 'round on lawns.

Pigs have piglets and in case you didn't know, I've another fact for you.

Goats have kids.

Like people have kids.

Like me.!