Cats and Dogs: Mr. Tinkles Returns Again is a 2021 action-drama American-Australian film. The Movie is a sequel to Cats and Dogs 2.

Plot Edit

Diggs and the gang have received a message from Mr. Tinkles that he escaped and got into Hawaii, and his plan is to turn Cats and Dogs against each other. Meanwhile, Diggs gets a promotion to a chief and he gets to do bigger jobs. Mr. Tinkles discovers a new bacteria that probably caused a dog and a cat to turn against each other, which gives him an idea.

Trivia Edit

  • Hawaii will be the setting of the movie
  • Mr. Tinkles will have his henchman Calico
  • Scrumptious will be starring as a protagonist
  • Mr. Tinkles will be the main antagonist
  • Diggs, Catherine and Scrumptious will be the protagonists of the movie

Pop cultural references Edit

  • Drones
  • Facebook
  • ISIS
  • Animal Abuse
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