Chocolate loves Caroline
Welcome to Chocoline page! Chocoline is Caroline's and Chocolate's parring name. Here can Chocoline lovers "fangirl" over Chocoline.

Chocoline LoversEdit

Edit your name in if you are a Chocoline lover.

  • Brett (Brettfish)
  • Swiftie (Taylor Swifts Number One Fan)
  • Scream (SCREAM4AUSLLY)
  • Madi (Madi60517)
  • Summer<3!!!! (Summerpinkheart2002)
  • Rossay (Rossome:))
  • Esther (Bombom6206)
  • Nutta (Nutter Butter)
  • Forever

Chocoline moments Edit


"I have a boyfriend! His name is Chocolate! :P" ~Caroline

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