Cold and Flu Invasion is a game centered on clicking the Halls cough drop of a colour and clicking the customer with the corresponding thought bubble to throw them the drop. If a dispenser is empty, click the refill tube, then the dispenser in question. If you pick up the wrong drop, click on the recycler. If the customers cough or sneeze while waiting at the desk, your thermometer goes up and if it goes fully up you will catch a cold and it's game over. There is advertising in the game, but you can play it just the same. The bonuses are Antiflu Candy (a red candy) that cures all customers, a med kit which lowers your thermometer, an all-seeing eye which lets you see the drops in dispensers, an hourglass that slows the customers down, and a blue lightning bolt which speeds you up.

List of customers

  1. A small blonde girl who has a pink skirt and white jumper, she will float with a balloon when cured.
  2. A small boy with glasses, a blue outfit and red hair, he will disappear in a blue flash when cured.
  3. A woman with red hair and a brown dress, she will spin when cured.
  4. An old man in a business suit. He will pour liquid from a test tube onto the floor when cured.
  5. Two warriors. They will do a battle cry when cured.
  6. A policeman. He will talk on the phone when cured.
  7. A boy with brown hair and an orange jumper, he will use a scooter when cured.
  8. A man in a suit with black hair and sunglasses. He will jump into his suitcase when cured.
  9. A short man with a goatee, an orange top and a purple hat and coat, he will just disappear into his hat when cured.
  10. An elderly, bald man, he will jump and laugh when cured.
  11. Two women. One with red frizzy hair, white pants and a blue tank top and one with straight dark hair and a purple tank top. Both will do the hula when cured.
  12. Two military gentlemen who will shoot when cured, one in a blue uniform and one in a beige uniform.
  13. One man in a white cap, blue jeans and green top. He has dark skin and will beat-box when cured.
  14. One man with spiky blond hair and a red and white top, with blue pants. He will jump up and shout "Yeah!" when cured.

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