Danger, Danger is a Sesame Street song about a man who encounters (and doesn't suffer any ill effects from) various dangers.

Lyrics Edit

Sesame Street - "Danger, Danger!"01:22

Sesame Street - "Danger, Danger!"


Danger, danger. Watch out where you put your feet.

Danger, danger. There's a hole there in the street.

Danger, danger. You're headed for a fall.

Danger, danger. You were not hurt at all.

Danger, danger. Here comes the noon express!

Danger danger. Can you save that cow? Oh yes!

Danger, danger. Hey, mouse, avoid that cheese!

Danger, danger. Mister, save that mousie, please.

Danger, danger. That glass could break, but hey!

Danger, danger. You can make a secret play.

Danger, danger. That monster's in a rage!

Danger, danger. Better put him in a cage.

What's this you found? A mirror. It's a gateway to the street.

Danger, danger.

Watch out where you put your feet.





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