Daniel Thump is a character in Discofurby's stories, and is also one of the carol singers in Supersized Family: Holiday House. He also is allergic to peanuts.

Appearance Edit

He is a bald, black man of average size who wears a blue coat, Santa hat and black pants and boots.

Role Edit

He sings carols several times in the game, along with Rachel and Mayzie. He talks to Silas a lot. He is a lawyer.

Personality Edit

He believes in unicorns, strives for knowledge, is the emotional type, is allergic to peanuts, is good at foraging and collects seashells and clocks. He is also the first gay character in Discofurby's stories.

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

"Good tidings to you and a merry Christmas, too"-his Christmas song.

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