Danielle "Danni" Foster is a ten-year-old girl and student of Sunnydale Primary School. She is an original character belonging to Discofurby and is friends with Christian Ferris (borrowed from Supersized Family), Brad McMann and Annabeth Roberts.

Appearance Edit

She has fair skin and dark eyes and hair. She is often wearing a grey coat, white shirt, pink tutu and orange and yellow striped tights.

Personality Edit

She is quite literal-minded (once trying to "catch a vibe" with a butterfly net") and determined, and also good at art. She has done several daredevil tricks, such as rollerskating with no helmet on to school, earning her the nickname Daring Danni.

Role Edit

She has a den in a forgotten shed outside the school, in which she plays, and has impromptu meetings with her friends. She often plays or sets out on something in stories.

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

"What is a vibe? If I catch one, I would be able to tell the future, and that'd be cool!"

"Meet me in my den in thirty-five!"

"Hey, you boys, get it together!"

"People think I'M amazing because they want to know WHY I do what I do. People think WILL'S amazing because they want to know HOW he does what he does."

(on wearing roller-skates to school) "Because why not!"

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