I know there is already a page for this. but i just thought i should make a personal message :)

Dear HannahEdit

Hannah. You are one of my very best friends in the whole entire world. that will never ever change, I remember it would just be me and you on chat. and we'd go on PM if anyone would come on. and we'd laugh our hearts out. we'd make silly jokes. and you always made me laugh, and remember all the stories we came up with?, We had an unbreakable bond,  You are so kind. and funny, and special. and wonderful. and just amazing inside and out. I bet you still think about Ross even now.. even though you can't really see him anymore,  Even though you are not here to see this. i want you to know that you will forever and always be in my heart, I will never. ever ever forget about you,  and even though this will not happen. I will always hope you come back. no matter what. I will always hope. and i hope you have the best time up there are amazing. You are just so are totally fearless. so stay fearless. and beautiful. you have a perfectly good heart, I also wrote this poem for you:

Remember how much fun we had?

Whenever we were together. i was never sad.

All the laughs we shared.

And whenever i was sad,

You were always there.

Now i can't believe we've grown apart,

All our memories are in my heart,

I never wanted you to go.

Now i'm standing here in the cold,

Now that your gone.

I feel so empty inside.

I can't count how many times i've cried,

I'm hoping. I'm praying. I'm wishing you come back,

Without you. My world is just black.

Please don't leave me behind.

I really need you,

I don't know what this has come to,

Without you. i can't even laugh.




I hope you still love Ross and Selena up there, Stay beautiful. and fearless, I'll love you forever and always <3

~Swiftie <3

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