🍇grape 🍈Apple 🍉Watermelons 🍊Orange 🍋Pear 🍌Banana 🍍Pineapple 🍎Apple 🍏Green apple 🍐Pear 🍑Peach 🍒Cherry 🍓Strawberry 🍅Tomato 🍆Eggplant 🌽Corn 🌶Red chilli 🍄Mushroom 🌰Nut 🍞Bread 🧀Cheese 🍖Meat 🍗Chicken 🍔Hamburger 🍟French fries 🍕Pizza 🌭Hotdog 🌮Taco 🌯Burrito 🍳Egg 🍲Pot 🍿Popcorn 🍱Sushi 🍘Could 🍙Rice cake 🍚Rice 🍛Soup 🍜Noodles 🍝Spaghetti 🍠Good 🍢Like 🍣Well 🍤Shrimp 🍥Jelly 🍡Ball pop 🍦Ice cream 🍧Sundae 🍨Sundae 🍩Donut 🍪Cookie 🎂Cake 🍰Slice of cake 🍫Chocolate bar 🍬Candy wrao 🍭Lollipop 🍮Puddle 🍯Honey 🍼Baby bottle ☕Cup 🍵Tea 🍶Cup 🍾Champagne 🍷Wine 🍸Glass 🍹Paradise drink 🍺Beer 🍻Two beer 🍽Plate 🍴Folk 🔪Knife 🏺Ancient pot

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