Ernie and Bert singing on the importance of getting enough sleep.

Sesame Street - Ernie and Bert sing about "Sleep!"02:30

Sesame Street - Ernie and Bert sing about "Sleep!"

Lyrics Edit

Ernie: Sleep. Without it, think of how tired we'd be.

Sleep. gives me plenty of energy.

Nodding, napping, snoring, snoozing.

Every night it's what I'm choosing.

Sleep. Wakes me up when it's time to play.

Sleep. Gets me ready to run all day.

Sleep makes me feel so rested.

Sleep makes me feel brand new.

Sleep is what I'm gonna do.

Bert: Sleep. It's what everyone in the world must do.

Both: Sleep. Every boy and girl. Every pigeon too.

Drowsing, dreaming, snoozing, snoring.

There is simply no ignoring.

Ernie: Sleep makes me feel so rested.

Bert: Sleep makes me feel brand new.

Both: Sleep, gonna get some sleep, gonna go to sleep is what I'm gonna do.

Trivia Edit

  • Adults need eight hours of sleep a night, but little children need about twelve and babies need around sixteen! As for pigeons, they just sleep when it's dark.
  • Yours truly had a daydream about this song. Well, sort of. It was to the same tune but was about words. It went like this: Words, without them think of how lost we'd be. Words, give us some opportunity. Talking, singing, writing, reading. For those, words are what you'll be needing. Words, make sure we know just what to say. Words, get me ready to talk all day. Words make me feel so happy, words make me feel brand new. Words are what I like, woo-hoo! Words, you encounter them every day (you do!). Words, every boy and girl, every grownup too. Speaking, noting, it's not boring. There is simply no ignoring, words. Gonna learn some, words, gonna use my, words are what I like, woo-hoo!. The daydream started with Bert reading.
  • Bert mentions that he gets no sleep. Actually, he does get enough sleep each night, but not without complications.

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