Welcome To EvanMeaux Home This Is almost like my own website thing so just bare with me and we can all work with my system. I HOPE ANAYWAY!

If Anyone Wants Something Posted On My Template Than Contact Me Either On Comments Or please leave a message on my blog or my message wall thankyou! Oh On The featured article to reveal more characters Someone needs to help me when I leave a request, when you do this you will win the following; Username on List of people that helped me; a character revealed; why i like what they did; and possibly perry could make a few metals with me on well people who have helped me so horray!

Featured Article

Futurama if you dont know is a show where a guy named Phillip J. Fry got frozen in the year 2000 and was frozen for 1000 years he wakes up in the year 3000 and makes new friends like Bender - - - - - -

You Guys Could give me some company

In the last few weeks I have noticed a lack of messages on my message wall (Sorry About Rob Thomas) I was wondering if ANYONE wants a template/Page done if so Soon there will be a link, you can leave your username and what you want on this page so I am happy to read messages!

New Metals

Perry, I was wondering (as you saw in the note above) if you could make some metals on how much people are helping me and users get rewards for this so I was wondering if you could do that...

Invite More People

I will invite more people if you guys help me invite too i am not saying you have to I just want some people to read the notes...

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