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The point of an evil twin is that it has your name, except one letter is off (Ex: Marley & Narley) or if you don't share your name it could be the opposite of your nickname. (ex: Forever& Never). Add your evil twin name there xD


Evil Twins Edit

Marley- Narley

Forever - Never (Thanks for using me as an example XD)

Madi - Fadi

Clairicorn - Vlairicorn(hehe i had too xD)

Corey- Morey xD

Icecream- Freezer Burn (im bad at this)

Vero- Evil Vero (I STILL EXIST SUCKERS >:)

Nutter - Butter

KLA - ALK (I blame Tegan for this. :)

Taylor V.- Maylor V.

Tegan - Megan

Megan - Tegan (Muahaha Tegan >:) XD)

Catcake- batmake (XD)

Jessoca- Jessica Jessica is Awesome- Jessica is Me 04:03, September 10, 2013 (UTC)

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