Frank is a grey cat featured in Sesame Street, a minor character. He is a grey short-hair moggy. He has pink paw pads, inner ears and nose and can both talk and meow. Despite his ability to talk and his phobia of being watched while he's washing, he is clearly a proper cat and not an anthropomorphic cat as he licks himself clean (which Telly drew in Happy Scientists when they were studying how animals wash.), meows, walks on all fours, eats cat food, goes to he vet, climbs trees and belongs to someone else. This someone else is a muppet who took him to the vet in the song Pet At The Vet. In an episode of Elmo's World with a cat theme, Frank and a talking tiger show how a tiger and domestic moggy are both cats to Elmo. The tiger says all the points, Frank just meows. The tiger's points are that he and Frank both have paws with pads underneath, claws, whiskers and cat-type tails, which he calls their mutual catness. The tiger says the lion is king of all animals, he himself is king of the jungle and Frank's king of his apartment. His name was revealed in Happy Scientists, when someone says "I'm watching you, Frank."

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