Frederick is one of the neopets in Discofurby's stories that was hatched from eggs by Mushroom and Jack after Mushroom opened a portal by accident.

He is a very friendly, energetic, yellow flotsam (

He tells a lot of jokes.

Just for kicks, here are some joke about Neopets that I think he'd like

Jokes Edit

  • (Myra is a missing fairy) What's the difference between Myra and Bigfoot? Bigfoot has been sighted.
  • Why are Elephantes ( so cool? Because they are a trunk-load of fun!
  • Why do people like Terror Mountain ( Because it's cool there?
  • Why are Snow and Ice neopets always stoic? Because they stay frosty.
  • What level do neopets players have to be to find Jelly World ( Level Ate!
  • What do you get if you cross an error with Neopets? 404, Myra not found!

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