Doo u have an awesome wallpapah 2 show 2 us? Den y naut post it here? Dat way if u wanna take a little fing fing home 2 u, just take 1 from here! Hang dem up on ur desktop!


  • You must make YOUR OWN IMAGES!! Do NOT take them from google images. You can ONLY take them from devianART and tumblr, and you MUST source! ESPECIALLY hand-drawn material!

Umm... that's it... Have a nice day sweetie!

Wallpaper RequestsEdit

You may request wallpaper to the following (feel free to add your name and a description):

  • Icecream18- Im not super awesome or anything, but I can do very well!

You can make random wallpapers, and you can do requests! Requests are left in comments.


Team AustinEdit


Made by Icecream

Downloadable here

Gravity FallsEdit

Wallpaper2 Made by Icecream

Downloadble here.

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