You can share your funny moments here, too! Here are a few of mine.---Discofurby

Mine Edit

  • I was in a store and I noticed there were pictures of the forgetful Disney character "Dory", right next to bottles of water that said "Forgetting something?"
  • Another "in a store" experience was when I saw a sign that said, "Shh, that's got to be a misprint". It was meant to be a gag about low prices (I was in a Pak 'n' Save), but the funny was that the sign was advertising "CLSSIC" BISCUITS.
  • Mum: Would you like some? Our cat: Meow! Me: No, I don't want any--- Our cat: Meow!
  • My father and grandfather were installing a French door and in the process, Grandad said, "c'est la vie". It's funny because that phrase is French and it was a French door.
  • My mother and I were at a cafe and I said, "Isn't there a song called 'Rosanna'?", and then Rosanna started playing.

Yours Edit

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