"Natasha's Lullabye" is sung by Humphrey to his daughter Natasha at night before she goes to sleep. Humphrey sings good night to each of her body parts (and her voice) and gives her an Eskimo kiss.
Goodnight Natasha

Goodnight Natasha

Lyrics Edit

Goodnight, Natasha, so dear to our hearts.

Goodnight to your body and each of its parts.

Goodnight to your knuckles and your fingers and toes.

Goodnight to your neck and your cute little nose.

Goodnight to your voice, it's the sweetest I've heard.

Goodnight to your beak. Ah, whoops! You're not a bird.

Goodnight to your tummy. Gee, I really love it.

Goodnight to your mouth and your moustache above it.

(spoken) Oh, you do not have a moustache, do you? Well, I'd love it even if you did.

Goodnight, Natasha, so cute in your bed.

Look, your feet have dozed off now and so has your head.

Not to mention your arms, hands, and legs, left and right.

Your whole body's asleep, so Natasha, goodnight.

Yes, goodnight, Natasha. Natasha, goodnight.