Hiding is a story I, Madi, am writing. UPDATE: I am no longer taking characters for this story. I am just
writing it as a novel.


Lily must be hidden. Her family is wanted and Lily's parents won't tell her why. She has been homeschooled her whole life. But she has finally convinced her parents to let her go to high school.
She already knows 2 kids who she found in the woods when she was 7. They were inspected and are safe to interact with, and they go to the high school.
Soon, she adapts o the outside world. Typical teen, hates popular girls, loves adventure. She has a good life. Except when she runs into the mean girls. They think she's hiding something. And what can she do when asked where she lives or about her parents? This sure is going to be a hard life for poor Lily.


Characters Made By OthersEdit

Megan - Lily's girl best friend - Corey

Marley - Main mean girl - Marley


Name: Lily Kansey
Age: 14
Personality: Musical, tomboy, fun, loud, bubbly
Role: Main character
Crush: TBA
Crushed On By: None
Birthday: October 31, 1998
Extra: MUSIC

Name: Megan N. White
Age: 14
Looks: Halston Sage (Grace from HTR)
Personality: Random, funny, bubbly, tomboy-ish, smart
Role: Lily's best friend :D
Crush: TBA
Crushed On By: None
Birthday: October 22nd, 1998
Extra: Plays piano and guitar.

Name: Marley Alexis Rose
Age: 14
Looks: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin
Personality: Smart, atheletic, Sarcastic, Rude to some people, funny
Role: Main Mean Girl
Crush: none
Crushed On By: No one
Birthday: August 21, 1998
Extra: She has a hard time at home, considoring her mom died when she was 7, so she's mean because of it- shes a really a nice girl, Sings

Name: Marissa Kansey
Age: 38
Looks: Like the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place (Forget her name)
Personality: Protective, paranoid, scared, fierce, try-to-be-cool-mom
Role: Lily's mom
Crush: None
Crushed On By: None
Birthday: January 4, 1975
Extra: Recently divorced husband, Tim Kansey

Name: Hunter Ford
Age: 14
Looks: Long, light brown hair that brushes to the right, then comes up slightly, green eyes
Personality: Random, bored easily, adventurous, curious, crazy
Role: Lily's boy best friend
Crush: None
Crushed On By: None
Birthday: May 2, 1998
Extra: None

Name: Kayla Shar
Age: 14
Looks: Like Miranda Cosgrove
Personality: Not smart, long-tempered, mean, popular, nice at times
Role: Not smart mean girl sidekick
Crush: None
Crushed On By: Most boys
Birthday: September 1, 1998
Extra: Does basically anything Marley does

Name: Luke Jy
Age: 15
Looks: Sort of messy long, light brown (dusty) hair, green eyes
Personality: Chill, bubbly, funny, laid-back, cool
Role: Lily's crush
Crush: None
Crushed On By: Lily
Birthday: April 11, 1998
Extra: None