Here you can nominate people for homecoming!!!! :D let's get to nominating :D


Queen Nominations Edit

  • Madi
  • Claire
  • Melody :)
  • Olivia
  • Krissy
  • Marley
  • Taylor
  • Perry (with love! nominated by TayTay xD)
  • Corey :D 
  • Tegan (much love, vally x)
  • Hayley :DDD
  • Esther (: 
  • Jayla :4 (:
  • Rose c:
  • Vally C:
  • Rossay (hehe you and Brett must win xD ~Tegan / I SECOND THIS! ~Megan/ I SO THIRD THIS ~Rose/It would be nice to win buuuut I 4TH THIS BRITCHES 8D ~Claire/ I 5TH THIS MOTHAFUCKS B) ~Tay Tay)

King Nominations Edit

  • Brett 
  • Jack
  • Food :')
  • Grammar Boy (Basil)
  • Matchbox Twenty
  • Ross Lynch (nominated by Melody :') )

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