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Make a WhiteboardEdit

Method 1Edit

  • Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired shape
  • Decorate the edges
  • Glue a piece of foil to the cardboard
  • Write with a marker and erase with a dry paper towel. If it doesn't come of use Windex.

SOURCE: wikiHow

Method 2Edit

  • Cut a piece of construction paper to your desired shape
  • Cut a clear book cover to fit around the paper
  • Put the cover on the paper
  • Write with a marker and erase with a dry paper towel. If it doesn't come of use Windex.

SOURCE: wikiHow

Make StickersEdit

  • Draw the design using colored pencil on a white piece of paper
  • Put clear tape over it and leave a little up so you can peel it off
  • Press the tape hard on the design
  • Gently peel away the tape
  • The design should have rubbed off on the tape

SOURCE: wikiHow

Get Up and Shake It OffEdit

Sometimes, people can't be there to lift you up. Whatever is happening, sometimes, you just have to walk it off. Here's how to survive those times.


  • Remember. It's probably not as bad as you think! Just think what has actually happened.
  • Look on the bright side. If it was a break-up, your free now. If you were bullied, the bully could be jealous.
  • Get out there. What will moping do? Be active and take your mind off of it, even though it's probably short notice.
  • Tell the person they haven't hurt you. Maybe even thank them! This could bug them and even change things around.
  • Go to a room by yourself and do all the things you can't do in public. It will make you feel better.
  • Move on. You can't do anything about what happened, so just try and continue your life.


  • If your on the ground, shut your eyes. Just soak everything in for a moment.
  • If your laying on your stomach, roll to your back. It will make it easier to get up.
  • Rub any sore areas. It can soothe the pain.
  • Stand up. Stretch for a minute. Do whatever it takes to get your self to walk.
  • Continue what you were doing and try to avoid the bully.

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