Brandy's P.O.VEdit

~The next morning~

Today, is the day I am going to Florida.

I got up, ang got ready. Usually, I don't spend time looking good to do something bad, but today I decided I would. So, I wore this: I packed the rest of my things in a brand new suitcase my mom apparently bought for Rhode Island. I stored a couple of snacks and some money in my suitcase, and I stored my clothes. I'm lucky I have windows in my bedroom, I can sneek out from there. So, I opened the bedroom window and left.

Sylvia's P.O.VEdit


Today's the day when we are moving to Florida. I finished packing up an hour ago, and I already got ready. I decided to go with this: "Honey? Are you ready to leave yet?" my mom asked me. "Yes, mom." I told her. I walked down the stairs and we drove to the airport. I stepped into my plane.

~The next morning.~

"Huh?" I said. "Honey, we're here!" my mom told me. "Okay." I told her. I weakenily stood up, and since I have powers, I can regain my energy in seconds. I stepped out of the plane, and man, did Florida look beautiful. I don't know why I didn't want to move to Florida in the.. in.. *Faints*

~Wakes up 5 minutes later~

"Are you alright?" a boy asked. "I'm alright, now." I said. Oh, now I'm worried, what if he thought that was creepy? Ugh.. "I'm Angel. What's your name?" Angel said. "I..." I was interrupted by.. BRANDY JOHNSON?

~Cliffhanger! I hope you liked the 3rd chapter!~

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