If you were a character in your favourite show what would your name be? What would your personality be like? Super nice? Awesome? Dorky? You choose! Down below tell us what your name would be, what show/movie/book you would like to be in and describe your characters personality!

Characters :) Edit

Tegan: Valentina (Val) Rose is a small girl with a big personality.She can be nice and funny but also can be mean if you get on her wrong side. She prefers bright colours and hanging with her friends. She love books, shopping and writing stories. She's obsessed with writing songs. And hopes one day to be a Musician or Author.

Claire:Claire Valentine is a bubbly,crazy,weird,very loud,random and a music and internet obsessed freak.Shes very sweet and funny but if you're mean to her or anyone she cares about she'll be the shit outta you.She has a big passion for musicand hopes to become a singer and actress one day.She loves to sing,dance,eat,act and write songs,nothing makes her day better than either listening to music or hanging out with her besties.

Discofurby: If I were a character, my personality and age would still be the same, however, I have a lot of favourite shows and it would depend on the show I was in if I were a character. For example, if I was a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I would likely be a pony and therefore I'd have to have fur, a pony type (unicorn, pegasus, Earth pony), a cutie mark, etc. And if I was a character on Star Trek, I'd be in the future.

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