Got a lot of celebrity inspirations? Now you can share em! You can set it up however you want, a paragraph, headings, a list, ect. Have fun!


I have a lot so I'm not including reasons, unless I REALLY want to!

  • Matchbox Twenty for so many reasons <3
  • One Direction for being myself
  • Big Time Rush
  • R5
  • The Wanted to be honest and outgoing
  • Rydel Lynch, PARTIALLY for being the only girl in a band and still being loved
  • Hayley Williams for the reason above
  • Elaine Bradley for the reason above
  • Lulu Antariksa
  • Victoria Justice
  • Ariana Grande
  • Jamie Follesé for being young and different isn't so bad

Who are they, you ask?

  • Matchbox Twenty: Alternative/pop-rock band
  • One Direction: The biggest boyband EVER XD
  • Big Time Rush: Another boyband but they're not NEARLY as popular
  • R5: Do I have to explain?
  • The Wanted: An older boyband more for teens than kids
  • Rydel Lynch: Plays the keyboard in R5
  • Hayley Williams: Lead singer of rock band Paramore
  • Elaine Bradley: Drummer of the band Neon Trees
  • Lulu Antariksa: Actress; Stevie from How to Rock and Vic from JESSIE
  • Victoria Justice: Actress/Singer; Tori from Victorious
  • Ariana Grande: Actress/Singer; Cat from Victorious and Sam and Cat
  • Jamie Follesé: Drummer of the band Hot Chelle Rae

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