Jonathan Ferris is a three-month-old baby character with brown skin, no clothes except a white diaper, one tooth, and a blue pacifier in the game Supersized Family and a few of Discofurby's stories. He is the son of Rose and Silas Ferris, twin brother of Jessica Ferris, and younger brother of Torri Ferris, Christian Ferris, Duncan Ferris, Sullivan Ferris and Virginia Ferris. He and Jessica were born the week before Christmas.

Description Edit

Being only three months old, he cannot talk, walk, read, count or use the toilet, and he cries easily (so does Jessica). He and Jessica have a closed-eyed, open-mouthed wailing cry as opposed to the rest of the family's silent, frowning cry. He and Jessica also cry when they are wet, messy, bored or sick as well as simply being sad (which can be cured by the handkerchief or heart) and he also enjoys sucking on a pacifier.

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