Kickin' It- Jack & Kim moments from "Two Dates and a Funeral"-003:09

Kickin' It- Jack & Kim moments from "Two Dates and a Funeral"-0

(Karate Games) Kim Jack - Nearly Kiss!00:31

(Karate Games) Kim Jack - Nearly Kiss!


Do you ship Kick? If you do, this is the perfect place to talk and fangirl about them!!! ;D If you dont know what Kick is, watch the Kick videos below!! :D

Feel free to add any Kick photos, videos, moments, etc. Just make sure they are Kick related! :)   ~Corey

About KickEdit

Kick is the pairing of Jack and Kim (Ki/m & Ja/ck) on the Disney XD sitcom Kickin It. They first met in Season 1, being just friends. In Season 2, they become closer friends, having feelings for each other, ALMOST kissing in one episode. In Season 3, they finally start dating. :D

Kick 2

Our Kick Shippers!Edit


Corey!!!!! (CoolCoreyCat13)

MEL!!!!!! (MusicMel:D)

Madi (Madi60517) (Half-ships Kick)

KLA (KidLovesAuslly)

Caroline Baroline! xD (Caroline:)Freak)

Matt (MattWilliams247)

Violet (Fiolet4eva)



Jessica (Dechel-Auslly-Flyna)

Of course ME! (Francesca14601)

Chloe (OhsoAriana)

Edit your name in if you ship Kick!

Kick PicturesEdit

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