Late is Great is one of Discofurby's songs. Its tune is something of a cross between Happy Days' Aaay'mless and Annie's Tomorrow.

Origin Edit

It came to me in a dream. In the dream, a man goes to find his presumed-missing daughter Millie who is late, and finds her at the ice rink, skating with her friends Hallie, Megan, Felicity, Adrianna, Daisy, Chloe, Francine, and Katie. He believes Millie should be punished for being late, but the other ice skating girls believe Millie was "fashionably late" and sing a musical number.

Lyrics Edit

Dad: Millie, you're in trouble

I didn't know your fate.

I thought you may have run away.

Millie, you are late.

Went to the principal, she said you were here.

I found you with your friends here.

What am I going to do?

Girls: Did you hear? Don't you know?

Where have you been? Where will you go?

Don't you know about being late?

Late is a good thing!

And we say late is great!

We respect what you do.

But we don't agree with you.

We all try, but we can't relate.

It may be surprising.

But we like being late.

Dad: I was clueless.

Didn't know she was here.

Thought she was out of town.

Should I punish her?

Should she be sent to her room?

Or should she just be stared down?

Girls: But she's not out of town. She's happy!

She didn't do anything wrong!

This is where she likes to go

And we would let you know

If she was where she didn't belong!

Let you know!

Let you know!

Being late

gives you more time to be prepared.

We don't mind.

If someone we know is tardy.

Millie won't.

Ever do anything that bad.

She's too smart.

Not to mention too hardy!

Dad: It's a weird day.

Never heard someone say

that being late is a thing to be encouraged.

Girls: Let us tell you, it's a fashion!

It's been that way for a while

and we heard it though we're younger than you!

So what we're saying is

late is great.

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