Leah Tibbs, also known as Miss Enigma or The Anomaleah, is Discofurby's original character, adopted sister of Lucy Tibbs, Charlie Tibbs and Alexander Tibbs, adopted daughter of Pete Tibbs and Susan Tibbs, adopted niece of Denise Tibbs and Stan Tibbs and adopted cousin of Lottie Tibbs, Millie Tibbs, and Liza Jane Tibbs.

Appearace Edit

She is Caucasian, with brown eyes brown pigtails, with purple ties, a blue Scooby-Doo shirt and a white Hello Kitty skirt. She is three.

Personality Edit

Leah sometimes repeats what people say or mispronounces words by accident because she is only three, and she also likes to play with other children and sometimes does or says kooky, unexplainable things, giving her the nicknames The Anomaleah and Miss Enigma.

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