Hey! So I already made one, which can be found here, so I'm just putting a leaked season 2 ep! To make one, put things like time, title, channel, rating, live-action vs cartoon, ect. and the characters.

Madi's Leaked Episode-New Guy In TownEdit


Destiny: I'm incredibly bored. I've never felt this way with you.

Madi: I am, too. What do you wanna do?

Destiny: Cove? We could meet people.

Madi: Alright, I'm always looking for that -Runs to stairs and trips, letting out a short shriek of shock-

???: Whoa! -Catched her- Are you alright?

Madi: Yeah, yeah I'm the toughest person around, I'm fine. But...thanks. -Gets down- Who're you?

???: I'm Dale...

Madi: I'm Madi.

Destiny: Uh, still here.

Madi: This is Destiny.

Dale: Nice to meet you ladies.

Destiny: Never call her that. She will tear you to shreds.

Madi: It's fine, he didn't know.

Destiny: You NEVER let people off.

Madi: But now I will.

Destiny: Ohhhhhhhhh, ok, I'll leave you two alone. -Winks and leaves-

Madi: -Rolls eyes-

Dale: You guys seem like opposites.

Madi: We are. Yet we're best friends.

Dale: Huh. So, do you surf?

Madi: -Bites lip- Oh, uh...I can, but I don't.

Dale: Well, do you wanna do something?

Madi: Sure! Des might want to come, though.

Dale: That's fine. Do you skateboard?

Madi: Heck yeah! She can't, but I can reschedule with her.

Dale: Nah, just go hang out with your friend. But will you get in touch with me?

Madi: Ok, got a number?

Dale: Yes, I do. -Writes something and hands it to Madi-

Madi: You'll be seeing me soon. -Walks away-

Destiny: Um...???

Madi: I feel weird.

Destiny: I think you like him!

Madi: It feels different...stronger.

Destiny: -Raises eyebrow-

Destiny's House

Destiny: Can I tell you something?

Peanut: Of course. -Puts arm around Destiny-

Destiny: I think...Madi...I think she's in love.

Peanut: More details?

Destiny: This guy caught her, at the Cove, and they talked, and Madi says she felt weird about him.

Peanut: Has she ever BEEN in love?

Destiny: No, that's why I suspect it.

Peanut: She could be.

Destiny: Have you ever been in love?

Peanut: -Stares ahead-

Destiny: Peanut?

Peanut: I love you.

Destiny: -Smiles- I love you, too.


Dale and Madi: -Skateboard by Destiny-

Destiny: -Grabs Madi's arm-

Madi: -Jumps back and puts foot on board- Dude, what the heck?

Dale: -Looks back and stops, walks over-

Destiny: Uh, sorry, Dale, but can I talk to Madi alone for a minute?

Dale: Sure.

Destiny: -Pulls Madi aside- You're in love!

Madi: How do you know?

Destiny: I think that's the only thing you've never experienced. And I know what love feels like. Wow, first love and you're almost 16.

Madi: Shut up! And are yo serious?

Destiny: Yeah, but guard your heart. He could break you. You should ask him out!

Madi: -Rolls eyes and walks away-


Madi: -Runs up to them- I did it.

Destiny: What did he say?

Madi: Yes!

James: What's happening?

Destiny: Madi's in love.

Swirly: Wait, you've NEVER been in love?

Dash: She's had like 10,000 boyfriends.

Swirly: -Fist bumps Dash-

Madi: -Rolls eyes-

Chu: That's exciting!

Pixie: What's his name?

Madi: Dale.

James: So you're dating?

Madi: Yup.

Swirly: -Half murmurs- She's head over he-els!

Pixie: -Laughs-

Madi: Stop!

Dash: Fine.

Peanut: But you better keep us updated.

Chu: What he said.

Madi: I will -Leaves-

School (Lunch, Madi, James, and Peanut)

Peanut: So how're you and Dale?

Madi: We're doing great, I think I like being on love.

James: Honestly, I don't think I've ever been in love.

Madi: Yeah, how many girlfriends have you had?

Peanut: -Laughs and hi fives Madi-

James: 1.

Madi and Peanut: -Stares at James-

James: Maybe.

Peanut: Like Dash said, Madi's had a BUNCH.

Madi: And I've never cheated.

James: I don't know how I feel about Dale.

Peanut: Oh, James, are you...Jealous?

Madi: -Looks mad-

James: N-No! Why would you think that?

Peanut: Can you hear yourself?

Dale: -Walks in and picks up Madi, spinning her-

Madi: Woo! Dale? What are you doing here?

Dale: Just wanted to see my girlfriend.

Madi: -Kisses Dale's cheek-

Dale: Aw, man, I was hoping I could stay, but my classes are starting soon. Miss you, baby, bye!

Madi: Bye!

Peanut: Have you kissed yet?

Madi: -Rolls eyes-

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