Cold (Matchbox Twenty)-0

Cold (Matchbox Twenty)-0

This is "Cold," my favorite Matchbox twenty song! From their 3rd album and 2002 album, More Than You Think You Are, track 5

Rob 4

Rob! It's Rob! Yeeeeaaaaah!

Brian (Headphones)

Pookie! It's Pookie! Yeeeeeaaaaah!

Paul (Cowboy Hat)

Paul! It's Paul! Yeeeeeaaaaaaah!

Kyle (Real World)

Kyle! It's Kyle! Yeeeeeaaaaaaah!

MB20 (Concert)

MB20 Now, Without Adam

Hey! Madi here. Matchbox Twenty is a super rossome band! 3 of them used to be in Tabitha's Secret, and 3 have solo stuff! (Rob has solo albums, Paul is in The Break and Repair Metjod, and Kyle is in The New Left) You may already know the songs "3 A.M.," "If You're Gone," "How Far We've Come," "She's So Mean," "Overjoyed," "Put Your Hands Up," or, "Our Song." But read below if you know them or not. (He is amazing!-Veronica)


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Who's Matchbox Twenty?

Matchbox Twenty are an alternative pop-rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band was originally made up of Rob Thomas as lead vocals, Kyle Cook as lead guitar, Adam Gaynor as rhythmic guitar, Brian "Pookie" Yale as bass, and Paul Doucette as drums, but Adam left in February 2005. For the next album, which was a compilation but still had 6 new songs, Paul took over as rhythmic guitar. However, he switched back for the 4th studio album but stayed for guitar during tours.

Matchbox Twenty's albums:

  • Yourself or Someone Like You (1996)
  • Mad Season (2000)
  • More Than You Think You Are (2002)
  • Exile on Mainstream (2007)
  • North (2012)

Tabitha's Secret's albums:

  • Don't Play With Matches (1997)
  • Live (1999)
  • Tabitha's Secret? (2001)
  • The Vault Vol. 1 (2007)
  • The Vault Vol. 2 (2007)
  • The Vault Vol. 3: The Covers (2007)

Rob, Brian, and Paul's careers have been going since 1993, but Kyle and Adam jumped in in 1995.


Ask me any question about Rob, MB20, or TS on my wall. I will answer without looking up the answer. The challenge is there is basically no question I can't answer! So try and stump me!

Yourself or Someone Like You Tracklist

Normal Album

  • "Real World" (3:50)
  • "Long Day" (3:45)
  • "3 A.M." (3:46)
  • "Push" (3:59)
  • "Girl Like That" (3:45)
  • "Back2Good" (5:40)
  • "D***" (3:20)
  • "Argue" (2:58)
  • "Kody" (4:03)
  • "Busted" (4:15)
  • "Shame" (3:35)
  • "Hang" (3:47)

Japanese bonus tracks

  • "Tired" (3:57)

Australian limited edition bonus CD

  • "Girl Like That" (MTV's Live From the 10 Spot)
  • "Kody" (MTV's Live From the 10 Spot)
  • "D***" (MTV's Live From the 10 Spot)
  • "Mercy, Mercy Me" (MTV's Live From the 10 Spot)
  • "Push" (Acoustic)
  • "3 A.M." (Acoustic)

Mad Season Tracklist

Normal Album

  • "Angry" (3:44)
  • "Black and White People" (3:45)
  • "Crutch" (3:25)
  • "Last Beautiful Girl" (4:03)
  • "If You're Gone" (4:34)
  • "Mad Season" (5:02)
  • "Rest Stop" (4:29)
  • "The Burn" (3:27)
  • "Bent" (4:16)
  • "Bed of Lies" (5:22)
  • "Leave" (4:33)
  • "Stop" (3:49)
  • "You Won't Be Mine" (5:32)
  • HIDDEN TRACK: "You Won't Be Mine" is actually 9:52. At 7:47, more music starts.

Deluxe Edition

  • "You and I and I" (3:29)
  • "Suffer Me" (3:10)
  • "Never Going Back Again" (3:47)

Chinese edition

  • "Bent" (Live From Seattle)
  • "Back2Good" (Live From Seattle)
  • "Don't Let Me Down" (Live From Australia)

More Than You Think You Are Tracklist

Normal Album

  • "Feel" (3:20)
  • "Disease" (3:43)
  • "Bright Lights" (3:54)
  • "Unwell" (3:48)
  • "Cold" (3:15)
  • "All I Need" (3:41)
  • "Hand Me Down" (5:02)
  • "Could I Be You" (3:43)
  • "Downfall" (4:07)
  • "Soul" (4:34)
  • "You're So Real" (3:01)
  • "The Difference" (4:11)
  • HIDDEN TRACK: "So Sad So Lonely" (3:46)

Australian version

  • "Disease" (Acoustic)

Bonus tracks

  • "Tired" 3:46

Exile on Mainstream Tracklist


  • "How Far We've Come" (3:31)
  • "I'll Believe You When" (3:16)
  • "All Your Reasons" (2:40)
  • "These Hard Times* (3:48)
  • "If I Fall* (2:48)
  • "Can't Let You Go* (3:28)

iTunes pre-order

  • "Come Dancing* (3:38)

Best Buy version

  • "Remedy" (Live) (4:32)
  • "Modern Love" (Live) (3:51)


  • 'Long Day"
  • "Push"
  • "3 A.M."
  • "Real World"
  • "Back 2 Good"
  • "Bent"
  • "If You're Gone"
  • "Mad Season"
  • "Disease"
  • "Unwell"
  • "Bright Lights"

North Tracklist

Normal Album

  • "Parade" (4:09)
  • "She's So Mean" (3:50)
  • "Overjoyed" (3:07)
  • "Put Your Hands Up" (2:52)
  • "Our Song" (3:01)
  • "I Will" (4:03)
  • "English Town" (4:37)
  • "How Long" (2:44)
  • "Radio" (3:02)
  • "The Way" (3:17)
  • "Like Sugar" (3:46)
  • "Sleeping At the Wheel" (3:50)

Target Bonus Tracks

  • "Waiting On a Train" (3:59)
  • "I Don't Wanna Be Loved" (3:34)

Deluxe edition

  • "I Believe In Everything" (3:39)
  • "Straight For This Life" (3:16)
  • "Waiting On a Train" (3:59)

Japenese edition

  • "I Believe In Everything" (3:39)
  • "Straight For This Life" (3:16)
  • "Help Me Through This" (2:59
  • "I Don't Wanna Be Loved" (3:34)

Don't Play With Matches Tracklist

  • "3 A.M." (3:43)
  • "Forever December" (5:58)
  • "Here Comes Horses" (4:26)
  • "Paint Me Blue" (4:58)
  • "Dear Joan" (4:51)
  • "High" (4:40)
  • "Unkind" (3:29)
  • "Jesus Was An Alien" (4:37)
  • "Tired" (3:58)
  • "Swing" (3:53)
  • "3 A.M." (3:47)
  • "Forever December" (4:32)
  • HIDDEN TRACK: "Dizzy" (5:08)

Live Tracklist

  • "Million Miles" (5:37)
  • "Paint Me Blue" (4:49)
  • "Just Plain Tired" (4:23)
  • "This Is Not a Love Song" (4:06)
  • "Unkind" (3:30)
  • "High" (4:38)
  • "Jesus Was An Alien" (4:43)
  • "Here Comes Horses" (4:39)
  • "Loss, Strain, and Butterflies" (3:17)
  • "3 A.M." (3:55)
  • "Forever December" (6:34)
  • "Dear Joan" (5:27)

Tabitha's Secret? Tracklist

  • "And Around" (3:42)
  • "Unkind" (3:21)
  • "Here Comes Horses" (4:23)
  • "Dear Joan" (4:57)
  • "Forever December" (4:49)
  • "Tired" (3:58)
  • "Paint Me Blue" (4:14)
  • "Swing" (3:55)
  • "Dizzy" (3:48)
  • "3 A.M." (Acoustic) (3:46)
  • "Blue Monday" (2:51)

The Vault Vol. 1 Tracklist

  • "Million Miles" (Parc Studios Outakes 1994) (5:00)
  • "Here Comes Horses" (Live @ Just One More 1993) (4:57)
  • "3 A.M." (Scarab Studio Outakes 1993) (3:37)
  • "Dear Joan" (Early Rough Demo Recording) (4:54)
  • "Dizzy" (Rehearsal Scarab Studios 1993 with Outakes) (10:52)
  • "Forever December" (Live Daytona Beach Spring Break 1994) (6:56)
  • "Just Plain Tired" (Live Jj Whispers 1994) (4:23)
  • "Loss, Strain, and Butterflies" (Live Radio Performance and Interview XL 106.7) (3:26)
  • "Paint Me Blue" (Scarab Studios 1993) (5:02)
  • "The Only One" (Rehearsal Scarab Studios 1993) (4:12)

The Vault Vol. 2 Tracklist

  • "Million Miles" (Live @ Daytona Beach Spring Break 1994) (5:12)
  • "U Turn Me On" (Scarab Sessions Live In Studio 1993) (3:29)
  • "Like Roses" (Intrumental No Vocals Parc Studios 1994) (6:05)
  • "Dizzy" (Scarab Sessions) (5:11)
  • "Tired" (Live Surfer Dave's Birthday Party House Lake Mary 1994) (4:33)
  • "Paint Me Blue" (Live Party House Lake Mary 1994) (5:04)
  • "Forever December" (Live Just One More) (6:53)
  • "Here Comes Horses" (Live Just One More) (4:57)
  • "High" (Live the Mill 1994) (4:49)
  • "Unkind" (Live at Jj Whispers 1994) (3:41)

The Vault Vol. 3: The Covers Tracklist

  • "Tabitha's Secret Mr. Jones Live West Palm Beach 1994" (4:51)
  • "Tabitha's Secret What a Good Biy/Bittersweet Live West Palm Beach 1994" (5:55)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Blood and Fire Live The Mill 1994" (5:13)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Rain King Live West Palm Beach 1994" (5:20)
  • "Tabitha's Secret No Souvenirs Live JJ Whispers 1994" (4:14)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Wild Horses Live The Mill 1994" (6:29)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Ziggy Stardust Live Party House Lake Mary 1994" (5:42)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Live All Along the Watchtower" (5:06)
  • "Tabitha's Secret Brian Wilson Live 1994" (5:08)

Fun Stuff

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I like Rain in Boxes best! It's so fun! The Burn is also great! -Madi


If you have a great song parody, put it here!

"Stalker" ("Push" Parody)


I said they should know that they've always been good enough.

Their instruments are not rusty,

I hope their heads are not cavin' in.

Cuz I'm gonna go,

And I'm gonna show my love.

With my hands, I hug them,

As I'm pulled away by security.

Makes me a little bit angry, well.

This ain't over,

No, not yet.

Not while I am still around.

They [security] say I owe them,

That might change.

And it just might feel good!


I will not push them around!

No, I won't!

No, I won't!

I will not push them down!

No, I won't!

No, I won't!

They won't be taken for granted.

I won't be taken for granted,

I won't.

Security said they don't know why I ever would lie to them.

I'm a little untrusting when I'm stalkin' my favorite band.

And I don't know why I couldn't just stay,

With them,

They couldn't stand to be near me,

When I said that I'm in love with them.

I got a little bit dirty, well.

Please, just stand there.

Don't run away from me.

You've been cheated,

You've been wronged, and you,

You don't know me.

I won't change.

I would do anything for you!


And I won't bowl you over.

Just wait a minute and I won't fall apart,

I won't get so crazy,


Don't rush me, security!

Don't rush me, security!



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  • Rob's mom had cancer, lived through it, and died from a heart attack
  • Rob wrote "3 A.M." about his mom
  • Rob wrote "If You're Gone" and "Her Diamonds" about his wife, Marisol
  • When Matchbox Twenty released "3 A.M.," the former members of Tabitha's Secret, Jay Stanely and John Geoff, sued Rob, Brian Yale, and Paul Doucette.
  • Paul named Matchbox Twenty
  • Matchbox Twenty is official how it's spelled, although it used to be Matchbox 20
  • Rob fears e-mail
  • YOSLY was originally going to be called Woodshed Diaries
  • Matchbox Twenty all have nicknames but Rob: Brian is Pookie, Kyle Cook is Smooches, Paul is Pauly, and Adam was Hashbrown
  • Kyle got into Matchbox Twenty by audition tapes
  • Adam was the only member that didn't drink or smoke
  • Paul is afraid of the Internet, but Adam loved it
  • Brian is afraid of the letter Y
  • All of Matchbox Twenty love cereal
  • Adam's favorite cereals are Lucky Charms and Honey Comb
  • Adam's favorite drink is apple juice
  • Rob doesn't have a favorite food
  • Matchbox Twenty's first single was "Long Day"
  • Rob's first single was "Lonely No More"
  • Rob won the first Starlight Award
  • Adam left the band in February 2005
  • Rob's favorite colors are black and blue
  • Rob ran away when he was 17 and was homeless until he was 20
  • Paul is in a band called The Break and Repair Method
  • Kyle is in a band called The New Left
  • Rob wanted to call Matchbox Twenty Larry
  • Adam was the Internet junkie of the band
  • Matt Beck and Stacy Jones tour with Matchbox Twenty
  • Kyle sings "The Way" and in "Hang"
  • In the "Mad Season" video, they got into the limo the opposite order they joined the band
  • YOSLY was recorded in an hour and a half
  • Mad Season and More Than You Think You Are are the only technical rock albums from Matchbox Twenty
  • Brian hates mayo
  • Kyle can cook but can't do laundry
  • Rob's favorite cigarettes are Camel Special Lights, Kyle's are Camel Hard Pack, Paul's are Marlboro Lights, and Brian's are Marlboro. Adam didn't smoke (or drink!).
  • Rob was born in the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany and attended Lake Brantley High School
  • Adam came up with the ideas of a Q and A on the band's old website and putting their shoe sizes ("in no particular order") in the YOSLY CD booklet
  • Rob's favorite drinks are Jack Daniel and Coke. His favorite chips are Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.
  • Rob's guitar is called Elvis
  • Rob chipped a tooth slam dancing in Palm Beach, FL
  • Rob's greatest influence is Steve Burry
  • Rob does his own nail polish. Quite well, too!
  • Paul used to be a waiter
  • Paul's favorite beer is Dos Equis Lager
  • Paul would rather play small clubs than big arenas
  • Paul loves Charlie Watts and Jim Kelther
  • Paul's greatest influence is R.E.M
  • Kyle played the violin for 5 years
  • Kyle attended the Atlanta Institute of Music
  • In Kyle's senior yearbook picture, he's holding his guitar!
  • Adam and Kyle shared clothes
  • Rob and Brian's shoe size is 9.5, Kyle's is 11.5, Paul's is 8, and Adam's is 13
  • Adam likes the band Bush
  • Adam is Jewish
  • Adam is allergic to dogs and cats
  • Adam doesn't have a middle name
  • Adam loves spaghetti
  • Brian's favorite movie is Mars Attacks
  • Brian attended the University of Miami and spent some time at Berklee
  • Brian uses Aveeda hair products
  • Adam only painted the thumb and pinkie of his left hand


Smooth The TV Show with Matchbox Twenty-0

Smooth The TV Show with Matchbox Twenty-0

Smooth: The TV Show With Matchbox Twenty (Funny or Die Video)

Matchbox Twenty - Storytellers

Matchbox Twenty - Storytellers

Matchbox Twenty on Storytellers (2001)

Yourself or Someone Like You (Matchbox Twenty)

Yourself or Someone Like You (Matchbox Twenty)

YOSLY Full Album

So Sad So Lonely (MB20)

So Sad So Lonely (MB20)

So Sad So Lonely

Unwell (MB20)

Unwell (MB20)


Push (MB20)

Push (MB20)


Angry (MB20)

Angry (MB20)


Our Song (MB20)

Our Song (MB20)

Our Song

You Won't Be Mine (Matchbox Twenty)

You Won't Be Mine (Matchbox Twenty)

You Won't Be Mine

You and I and I (Matchbox Twenty)

You and I and I (Matchbox Twenty)

You and I and I




Real World (MB20)

Real World (MB20)

Real World

How Far We've Come (XD)

How Far We've Come (XD)

How Far We've Come

Unkind (Tabitha's Secret)

Unkind (Tabitha's Secret)





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