Miggie is the romantic pairing between Maddie Rooney and her crush, Diggie from the new Disney Channel series, Liv & Maddie.


In Twin-A-Rooney, Maddie informs Liv that she has a crush on the captain of a rival basketball team, Diggie. Later on in the episode, Diggie walks up to Liv and Maddie and refers to them both as "Rooney", while Maddie tries to act cool to impress him, though she ends up just acting goofy, which amuses Diggie. When Liv asks Maddie why she doesn't just ask Diggie to go to the dance with her, Maddie tells her that that would mean she loses. Liv, in order to make up for something she did earlier, dresses up as Maddie to impress Diggie, even trying to mimic Maddie's signature "BAM! What?!" However, when Liv asks Diggie to the dance, Diggie states that he just doesn't like her that way. After Liv and Maddie argue over Liv supposedly trying to fix Maddie's life for her, Diggie approaches Maddie in her backyard and reveals that he only said no because he knew it was Liv, and asks her to the dance, which Maddie quickly accepts. She asks him if this means she still wins, and he says it doesn't, he wins, because he gets to take a pretty girl to the dance. Maddie blushes, but then says that that's what a loser would say. After quickly apologizing to Liv, Maddie enlists Liv's help in preparing herself for the dance. Diggie is amazed as Maddie approaches in her dress and shoes, but quickly changes her mind and vanishes up the stairs. When Pete tries to get rid of Diggie, Maddie returns, now wearing sneakers. Liv tries to stop her, but Maddie says "I'm in a dress, don't push it," and leaves with Diggie.

It is assumed Maddie and Diggie are currently dating. Some people claim that it is the most popular pairing on Disney, while others argue it is still being beaten by Auslly. Overall it is a well-accepted new relationship.


  • Nutter
  • Vero (:
  • Esther :)
  • Mel :) <3
  • Madi B) XD


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