Mushroom and Jack are two of Discofurby's characters who are eight-year-old twins. Mushroom is a girl and Jack is a boy. Both have dark hair, Mushroom's is braided, Jack's is short. Mushroom has brown eyes and Jack has blue eyes. Mushroom wears a purple dress and black Mary Jane's, Jack wears a red T-shirt, green track-pants and grey sneakers. Both are quite forgetful as in their first story Mushroom forgot to let go of her kite, and both children forgot their jackets and their ice skates. Mushroom is also quite klutzy as she once got carried away by a kite (Jack saved her) and once opened a portal to Neopia and brought back thirty neopet ( eggs, which they hatched, and Jack is also a bookworm.

They have thirty neopets as pets that they raised from eggs

  1. Ricky-blue acara ( a daredevil.
  2. Adolpha-yellow chomby ( laid-back.
  3. Howard-yellow (chia always on the go, easily distracted, calls people "buddy".
  4. Audrey-pink Meerca ( narrates her surroundings.
  5. Stan-orange kougra ( copies things a lot.
  6. Mabel-orange bori ( a lot.
  7. Sydney-yellow gelert ( very "paws-on"
  8. Mimi-red lutari ( tall stories.
  9. Frederick-yellow flotsam ( a lot of jokes.
  10. Jan-purple peophin ( pretend a lot.
  11. Rob-red grarrl ( to explore.
  12. Emily-purple usul ( to sing.
  13. Peter-green ogrin ( games
  14. Dee Anne-blue elephante (
  15. Nate-blue blumaroo ( music.
  16. Millie (neopet)-blue yurble ( to fix things.
  17. Herbie-purple tuskaninny ( to do tricks.
  18. Kimberly-white aisha ( magic.
  19. Derek-yellow poogle ( to be up high.
  20. Julie (neopet)-blue moehog ( vehicles.
  21. Rocco (neopet)-red and white korbat ( observant.
  22. Joyce-yellow eyrie ( a lot.
  23. Brad-yellow lenny ( a lot of rhyming and alliteration.
  24. Lana-blue zafara ( to help.
  25. Billy (neopet)-green ruki ( bugs.
  26. Sally-blue vandagyre ( to collect.
  27. Philbert-yellow wocky ( adventure.
  28. Gerda-red gnorbu (
  29. Reggie-blue tonu ( freak.
  30. Daisy-pink uni ( shy and easily scared.

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