WOOHOO THE MUSIC LOVERS AWARDS :D So the categories will be like Favorite R5er, stuff like dat. [[File:American-music-awards. jpg|thumb|354px]] Don't


Favorite R5er: Jessica

Favorite Directioner: Marley

Favorite The Wanted Fan: Madi

Favorite Swiftie: Swiftie XD

Favorite Mixer: Marley

Favorite Laura Lover: Jessica

Favorite Matchbox Twenty Fan: Madi

Favorite Rob Thomas Fan: Madi

Favorite Tabitha's Secret Fan: Madi

Favorite Bruno Mars Fan: Marley

Favorite Imagine Dragons Fan: Marley

Favorite Rusher: Hayley

Favorite The Script Fan: Madi

Favorite Train Fan: TIE Madi and Hayley

Favorite Ross Fan: Esther

Favorite Z-Swagger: Megan

Favorite Bella Thorne Fan: Madi

Favorite Goo Goo Dolls Fan: Madi

Favorite The Break and Repair Method Fan: Madi

Favorite The New Left Fan: Madi

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