When I was about ten or eleven, I dreamed that I opened a strange door into my grandparents' bedroom upstairs, and there were witches up there, but very punk-y sort of witches and they were playing a game called Slideball which was apparently a very big Olympic game. Basically, the rules of Slideball, is there are five players. Two Runners, one Jumper, one Narrator, and one very important player: the Slider. The Slider slides down the banister, the Runners run up and down the stairs, the Jumper stays at the top of the stairs and jumps on the spot, and the Narrator says what all the other players are doing and writes details down. All players except the Narrator are trying to catch a small bouncy-ball and the one who catches it wins. Two elderly witches were watching, a witch in a green and pink dress was playing Jumper, a ten-year-old witch-boy was playing Narrator, two twin witches in purple hats were being the Runners and I was playing the Slider. I caught the ball and won. Then, the witch who played Jumper said she had a very important thing to say to me, and the other witches looked awed and afraid, and she recited a poem in a very slow, quaint voice.

If you make your own choices,

Then you'll be okay, but

You'd better watch out when

Sam comes to stay

Through gentle winds

There may be fear on your path,

But good luck

May be just on your hearth.

Trouble may come

From holding on tight.

But if you let go

Then you'll

Be alright.

And then a magic puff of what looked like blue glitter. I am fascinated by magic lore, so is it because of that or does the dream have a meaning? If you want to interpret it, consider these notes.

Notes Edit

  • While the poem was being recited, there were cat faces floating around in the air and I was patting a cat, the cat I was patting was a marmalade cat and the cat faces were sometimes grey tabby and sometimes marmalade.
  • Someone made an offhand remark that Slideball champions don't wet the bed.
  • I have always liked cats, so the cats could not have meant anything negative.
  • In between the line about holding on tight and the line about letting go, a noise was heard. The noise was kind of like a cat's purr, but with a mystical, mysterious and eerie vibe to it. It sounded like "Purr-uuuurrrrr" kind of, and I felt curious, but intimidated when it was heard.

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