Narwhals are animals that look like unicorns. They are adorable :P

Did you know?Edit

  1. The name narwhal means "corpse whale" because it often swims belly up, laying motionless for several minutes
  2. Narwhals often travel in pods of about 4-20 whales; these pods are often seperated by sex
  3. If you were to swim in a narwhal pod and you heard one whistle or squeal to the other one... well that would be the last thing you would hear because the sounds that narwhals make are deafening to humans
  4. The average weight of a narwhal is one ton!!!
  5. Narwhals use their forehead to "feel" sound waves as they bounce through the water and this is how they "hear" one another
  6. People of the arctic use narwhal meat to feed to their sled dogs, while they eat the narwhal skin which I hear tastes quite like seafood (not to mention it is very high in vitamin C)
  7. It is illegal to import narwhal tusks into the United States!!! This means you!
  8. Speaking of narwhal tusks... did I mention that most scientists agree that narwhals use this as a formidable jousting weapon in courtship and dominance rivalry
  9. The narwhal shares many physical characteristics with the Beluga whale
  10. Narwhals can live to be 50 years old!

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