Ok its Luke here. And I have an idea. Ok so the idea is that we find a popular movie we never watched (i.e. Frozen or James Bond or something), look up the plot, and then WRITE IT on a page like this in the wackiest way you can. My example is below.

James Bond: Casino RoyaleEdit

Okay I got the Wikipedia page open. So theres some retired dude named James and hes visited by some robot named MI6 M CIA. Bla bla bla Scotland bla bla bla agent. Bla bla bla retirement bla bla bla SMERSH. D*mn this is a long page. Some clone of James is kidnapped by a factory named SMERSH. Then James #1 discovers some warfare thing to make women beautiful and kill men over four inches tall.... wtf.... Okay he needs to get shit done. Then this bitch chick poisons James with atomic bomb stuff. James' atomic bomb stuff inside his body later explodes, killing everybody in Casino Royale. There is then a sequence using that You Know My Name song simulating descending to hell.

In other words.... WTF???

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