Nyra Murphy is an original character by Discofurby. She is thirteen, and attends a school called Green Apple High in Alberta, Canada.

Appearance Edit

Nyra has ginger hair in a bob, small green eyes, and is average-sized with fair skin. She wears a black jersey, a neon pink miniskirt, a white shirt, red socks and white shoes.

Role Edit

She hangs out with her friends for the most part.

Personality Edit

Nyra's interests include science, Ludo, reading (especially the Harry Potter series), animals (especially wild animals and cats), fairgrounds, and history. She has a very vivid imagination as shown when she came to the false conclusion that Will was a vampire when reading Hermione Granger's dialogue about paranormal creatures, due to the fact he dislikes garlic and has pale skin, despite much evidence to the contrary (he is a vegetarian, his breath smells like chocolate, he never bites anyone, he doesn't have fangs, he comes out in the daytime and sleeps at night, in a bed, they have known him since daycare and so on.) She is also often daydreaming. She is a very good friend, but can be shy as shown when it took a while for her to express her crush on Will and hid instead of defending herself when a criminal threatened to kill her and Will (the criminals fled after Will kicked one in the eye). She's also very polite and would never insult anybody. In fact, Christian Ferris says that aliens (which Nyra believes in, by the way) are more likely to invade Earth than Nyra to insult anyone. She believes that, if she were a superhero, her title would be Noble Nyra.

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

"I know you're a vampire!"

"Who's that cool kid?"-- (to Torri when she first saw Will.)

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