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Yeah XD
Tumblr m6d5c2PiHd1qkb2vho1 500 just bullet your name and OTP and what it's from...


Our OTPsEdit

  • Madi-Frerard-My Chemical Romance
  • Olivia-Jiley-The Next Step <3 <3 <3
  • Marley- Ryley
  • Krissy-Auslly-Austin & ally!
  • Esther - Austin&Ally, R5, Ross :D
  • XxRausllyR5xX - As you can see from my name, RAURA, AUSLLY AND RYDELLINGTON (Austin&Ally and R5) but Raura Forever!
  • Cwaireee - Auslly,Cabbie,Keeta,Raura
  • Forever - Sae & Itsuki (Fatal Frame 2), Rydellington, IchiRuki
  • KLA - Raura, Auslly- Austin & Ally.
  • Melody - Auslly (from Austin & Ally <3), R5, MUSIC :D <3
  • Jessica - Dechel, Auslly, Flyna, Fourtris, Larrett, Rydellington (WildSide, A&A, A.N.T. Farm, Divergent, I Didn't Do It, Real Life)
  • Corey- Raura, Auslly, Laura <3
  • Liz- Raia,Drose,Auslly
  • Tegan-Srankie, Fourtris, Auslly, Zammie, Percabeth, Galex-(Sophies Secret, Divergent, A&A, The Gallagher Girls, Percy Jackson, The Fallen Star)
  • Claire-Raura(Ross and Laura from A&A),Japunzle(Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians and Rapunzel from Tangled),Hessa(Tessa and Harry from After),Jevan(Julie and Evan from My WattPad Love)
  • Shay- Raura, Auslly, Catoniss, Laya (Lucas and Maya, couldn't think of another name xD) Jackunzle, Cleeta (Most are crackships dammit) 
  • Swiftie- Raylor (Ross Lynch and Taylor Swift) (Im like the only person on earth who thinks they would make a nice couple. Even though shes a lot older than him, and they've never met.. XD BUT TAYLOR VISITED A FAN AT A HOSPITAL  AND THERE WAS A POSTER OF ROSS AND SHE WAS LIKE "Who is that? :O i know his name is Ross..." 8D)

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