List of poetry that was in my (Discofurby's) dreams Please. No Wonder I Thete Feel Ladt So Lonely Crashing Down Truth Hypocrisy Poiny Believe Better Really Bottomless Rose Wailing In

Her Tiger's Had a Baby Edit

In this dream, I dreamt that my mother asked my aunt how her friend was, and she replied in rhyme:

Her tiger's had a baby,

Her lion's had a cub,

Her walruses have done some tricks,

Her seal's in the tub.

Her polar bear has had some cubs,

Her brown bear's on his own.

Her elephant has had a calf

And her tree frog's on the phone.

Actually, the friend in question does exist, but she doesn't have all those pets, and it is very difficult to keep a polar bear (let alone a family) in captivity. Also, polar bears eat seals.

Poems to Taxi Driver Edit

I was making up a limerick and a sonnet to our taxi driver to prove I could write poems in the dream. I cannot remember them in waking life.

Make Your Own Choices Edit

See My Strange Dream.

The Top of Your Boots Edit

In this dream, we were in a town where to get games, we had to visit The Leader. When the Leader went on holiday, somebody unknown, but the person was on the radio and had a feminine voice with a British-esque accent and a clear, slightly melodious voice, suggested a new way to get games:

It appears the Leader has gone away.

He's with his friends, but he'll come back in a day.

But before you say "Oh, what a shame",

Instead of seeing the Leader for a game,

You can still go to any area you choose,

Just go to the "S.M." logo at the top of your boots.

Which is odd, as it is unknown what "S.M." stands for and "choose" doesn't rhyme with "boots", despite the rest of the "poem" being in rhyme.

There Once was a Creature From Venus Edit

This is the beginning of a limerick that was said by an imaginary schoolboy in my dream, but we never find out how it finishes.

There once was a creature from Venus.

No-one knew of its species and genus.

When they tried to find out,

One man had no doubt

And said, "Easy! The clue is the..." (but at this point, the teacher said "Shh!" so we never find out what the last word is)

Addams Family Poem Edit

This is a poem by a kindergartener in my dream that seemed to be about characters from a real-world show The Addams Family. It is another interrupted poem.

Morticia said a statement.

Lurch did not agree.

Wednesday called the doctor.

Then, Gomez had to...(but at this point, the child's mother said "We've heard quite enough from you")

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