Girls vs Boys War PrankEdit

This idea was by MusicMel :). Basically last year we had  a war of pranks Girls vs Boys there was  two teams Team Mel (Girls team) & and Team Sam (Boys team) . The war  was on the Whatever You Want Wiki :)
Pranks rule! :D

So this year we are gonna have our second Prank War! Of course it wont be girls v.s boys cause there is not a lot of boys. But we are gonna seperate all the users into two teams (Team 1 v.s Team 2) We are gonna have a capatin on each team which everyone will vote for in one of the polls.

Rules Of The Game (A.K.A Prank War)Edit

  • Users Will Vote For The Two Best Candidates To Be Captains For Each Team
  • Each user will choose her/his team ( Just to warn you some users maybe moved from the team they pick, if one of the teams have more users than  the other one.
  • The Team Must Name Their Team, If they wish not to their name will go like this Ex: (NameOfCaptain)'s Team.
  • If You Get Prank You Will Be Send To The Bench List.
  • If You Prank Somebody You Might Bring Somone From Your Team Back. (Just Like Dodgeball. Get it?)
  • Pranks can't hurt anyones feelings :)  
  • The word LEAVING is not allowed (Ex. I AM LEAVING THIS WIKI FOR GOOD) ect
  • Remember this is just a game dont take everything to seriously, and be nice
  • Prank War Is 24/7 >:)
  • Whatever Team Gets The Most Users From The Opposite Team Prank Will Be The Winner.
  • Watch Your Back! Good Luck :D

Team 1Edit

  • Polls Are Under Constructions. :)

Team 2Edit

  • Polls Are Under Constructions. :)

When? Where? What? Who?Edit

  • Where: Whatever You Want Wiki
  • When:  The Prank war would be a whole week!
  • Undecided :) (We'll get back to you :P)
  • 24/7

Bet >:)Edit

Team Have Not Decided Yet :)

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