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In that one episode of Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy wishes that Cosmo the idiot and Wanda the nag would have a baby. This put Cosmo, the preginated fairy through many bitchy phases. These included random barfing, random bitching, and random screaming. Cosmo was a real bitch. Continue reading this page for more information and what to do if your fairy godparent goes through pregnancy.

How does it happenEdit

Well Timmy, who like Cosmo is idiotic, wished for a fairy baby, even though it could be trained like some Darth Vader apprentice dude in that video game for evillll. According to Spongebob Squarepants, EVIL means Every Villain is Lemons. So just in case, wish up a tutorial on how to make lemonade.

Why not to wish for itEdit


These male fairies get like RLLY frickin bitchy. I am just warning you. And this happens: Barf. Lots of barf. You will get fucking buried in magical chunks of mac and cheese. And not the good kind. And don't expect a happy bitch either. He will get so fucking mad, you may pee your pants. He is super angry. Even angrier than Angry Jack from Spongebob when Spongebob broke all of the snail shells at his snail shell store, where he sells snail shells. Snail shells snail shells.

A few words from ReginaEdit

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Regina from Skitzo wanted to say a few things too: Der r 5 tings yooh shold no befour yu hahve secks. 1 - Secks is lik cookeys. Preteckshin is yur dinnur. Ur appityte is yur lyife. Dudu is yur baybe. And toylet payper is yur toohels. Yu cant have cookeys befour dinnur or you culd rooin yur appityte. Then yu haf to mak a dudu and u won haf the toylet payper to handel it. So in othur werds if yu dont wanna have a baybe then just stop eeting! And remember this: 20540098

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