Quiet or Loud is a Sesame Street song about when to be quiet and when to be loud. It stars a comical boy, girl, and cat, plus a few other kids, including a girl named Teri, a boy named Ned, and another girl named Nell, and their teacher.

Sesame Street- Quiet Or Loud01:48

Sesame Street- Quiet Or Loud

Lyrics Edit

When you're awake.

And someone else is asleep.

Be quiet.

Don't make a peep.

But if you're stuck in a tree, be as loud as you can be.

And if you hurt your toe, let us all know.

Quiet or loud!

When the teacher's talking, don't run around and shout.

And when you're in the library, don't rock out.

But when you're on a rollercoaster, you can scream so loud.

And when you sing your favourite song, step right up and sing it loud.

Quiet or loud.

When Teri's trying to talk, don't bang on the drum.

But if Ned is pushing Nell, it's okay for you to yell.

Be quiet while you're at a show. Don't grab a horn and start to blow.

Quiet or loud.

Quiet or loud.

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